The Atlas Group
Helping your business is our business.
Do you find yourself being pulled away from managing your business?

Do you find yourself or your staff completing compliance tasks and hope they are being done correctly?

Do you wonder if you are getting a good return on the premiums you pay for employee benefits?

The Atlas Group has found that smaller businesses lose out financially because they are being pulled away from their day to day functions and worse yet, tend to make poor decisions due to the time or knowledge required.

The Solution...

The Atlas Group is available to your business when needed.  The ups and downs of business often require HR resources for one day, but not the next, making it unrealistic to have an experienced professional on staff.  Similar to an Accounting firm, we work on your behalf specific to HR related activities, allowing you & your staff to focus on YOUR business.  We act as your advocate, consultant, extra employee, etc. 
Adding value                            Building relationships                     Creating opportunities
  • Health Insurance Plans (1 - 200) 

  • Flexible Spending (FSA) Plans

  • FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act)

  • Disability/Return-to-work

  • Recruitment and Retention

  • Job promotion systems
  • Terminations, Layoffs, Reductions in force

  • Benefit Plan design and administration

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Policy development & administration
  • Safety & Ergonomics

  • Benchmarking of pay & benefits

  • Retirement plans (401 k, IRA, etc.)

  • Unemployment Compensation

    Return on Investment
    We envision most initial services to be two-fold:  perform a business review that allows us to become familiar with your business and identify areas for improvement.  
    Where are the Savings???

    1.  Health Insurance plan design

    2.  Workers’ Compensation selection

    3.  401 k Plan design and Fund selection

    4.  Tax saving ideas for employer and employee

    5.  Benefits review

    The Problem

    1.  Tight labor market

    2.  Lack of applicants…perceptions about pay, benefits, etc.

    3.  Time and effort of advertising, reviewing, interviewing, etc.

    ​4.   Answering basic questions about pay and hours of work from applicants

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    3rd party option...attracting, protecting & connecting

    Some businesses do not like to advertise openings so as not to offend a current customer who applies and is not hired or considered.

    The Atlas Group can post an ad on behalf of your business (without publishing your name).

    ​How it works...

    All viable candidates will be passed on to you for consideration.  If the applicant is not selected for an interview, the applicant will be thanked for applying, but will not be informed the name of the business.
    Other Services

    • Advocate for employees (retired, laid-off or terminated)

    • Employee health and wellness information collection

    • Review of broker agreements for performance/savings

    • Summarize employee survey results

    • Verify dependent eligibility

    • Affordable Care Act (ACA)Reporting

    • Medicare Part D notifications
    • Compliance


    Contact Information
    3509 Philothea Road
    Coldwater, OH  45828
    Office Phone:
    (419) 516-0338
    Doug's Cell Phone:
    (419) 852-8584
    [email protected]


    We needed to establish a health insurance benefit & retirement plan.  The Atlas Group was able to present options that worked for our size & financial situation.
    We now have a health insurance benefit and 401 (k) plan to retain & attract new employees on a tax-advantaged basis.

    Kim Rammel
    Performance Physical Therapy & Wellness
    We have used The Atlas Group to fill job openings.  They have been valuable in identifying viable candidates in today’s competitive labor market.

    Brian Hackman
    Director of Operations
    Tru-Edge Grinding
    St. Henry 
    The Atlas Group was able to help us out with getting some extra help and was able to refer additional business from his list of contacts.​​​

    Dan Post
    Post Excavating & Landscaping
    Ft. Recovery
      Wife:  Jacqui
      Sons:  Jack & Nicholas
      Daughters:  Olivia & Claire
    Doug…the Owner

    I was born and raised on a family farm in Mercer County, OH and earned Bachelor’s degrees in Management/HR Management and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Wright State University.  I previously worked for local businesses J & M Manufacturing, Pax Machine Works and Thieman Manufacturing.  I continue to farm part-time with my brother and father.

    The Atlas name...

    ​In Greek mythology, Atlas was a Greek God and was often depicted as carrying the "weight of the world” on his shoulders.  Also, prior to the turn of the century, the name Atlas was synonymous with maps and directions.  Because this business is about helping others "carry the weight" and providing "guidance", I thought the name was appropriate.